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Outstaffing Services

Saving costs on office operations

HRO team resolved an issue of a client that wanted to start operations on the territory of Ukraine. Through provision of a tailored PEO solution the client easily managed operations in the Ukraine through HRO and was able to expand massively in 4 years. Increasing staff headcount x11. 

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Direct Recruitment

Finding a person with a special skill set

One of our most interesting cases where we had to find a person with advanced knowledge and skill set. The client reached out to us to find a Sales Manager with advanced knowledge of three languages and be familiar with oil&gas products, especially those that are sold in a particular region. As a result, we reached clients expectations in 1 month time and delivered the candidates that fitted all the requirements.

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Executive Search and Onboarding

Executive search for a fintech startup

HRO was lucky to have in it's portfolio an executive search and onboarding case for a fintech startup. Ukraine is known as a country with a great startup community. Moreover, the people that have been working in top companies become more and more interested in investing their time and efforts to develop an international product. Our mission was to deliver a candidate filled with enthusiasm and with a vast experience in their field. We delivered the necessary candidate in a time much less than negotiated deadlines, and developed onboarding procedures for executive staff in the startup.

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Product Thinking

Ensuring transparency of operations in retail chain

HRO's team implementations allowed the retailer to unite recruiters, HR managers, regional heads and all recruitment process members into a single communicational field. Head office receives accurate information in real-time about regional recruiting and has the ability to analyze it’s own recruiting process to improve it on a day-to-day basis. Each team member could see all stages of the talent acquisition process.

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HR Consulting

Optimizing workflow for a restaurant chain

HRO allowed a restaurant to redirect all channels of attracting candidates into one online account and work only with the most suitable candidates. All thanks to a virtual assistant, which automatically conducts preliminary interviews and learns basic information about a person. That is, the system independently screens all candidates. After that, recruiters contact only the best applicants and save their own time. The recruiting department is no longer a call center that endlessly answers the same type of phone calls. Company reduced costs on handling enquiries, working with cold contacts is no longer required.

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